Friday, July 23, 2010

Room @ the Rooming House

Matt's Wall to Wall Reading List
Matt's Hero Worship (Marco Polo Map)
Now that my accomodations are legally bound, I edited my decor.  I hung a map of places I'd like to visit, and filled the bookcase with my reads.  I listened to a bit of the musak the Baroness decides is music and sat down to think about what I plan to do next. 

I know where Mrs. O'Degee Glenfadden is now.  She is flagrantly stupid sometimes.  Her entire self is exposed to any and all lookers.  She keeps a blog that she advertises openly as the place to find her memoirs and current schedule of activities.  Personally, I wouldn't have a blog, but  I am in business, and require some advertising opportunities.  The DUTC requires I keep them apprised of my present location. I don't expect to go through the frustration of unemployment again soon.  Keeping my job with the tea company is one of my foremost objectives.

It is also apparent to me that Mrs. O'Degee Glenfadden has been to this house.  Many of the hand-be-down furnishings are hers.  Repairs were made in her name.  I've yet to find out how she knows the Baroness, but I intend to find out soon.  I could call both the ditsy twins.  They try to accomplish so many feats at one time, they fail to meet their own deadlines.  Neither of the  women are completely truthful either, but whether these similarities constitute a connection, I'm not sure.

Today I will make another trip into town.  After all I am in residence at the University there.  Oxbridge will be added to my long list of alma maters.  My family would be proud.

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