Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exchange Rates, Foreclosure, and Goo

Matt tries to unstick coffee from table.

The Letter I wrote to my landlady today:

Ms. Ghennyn: I watched my exchange rates this morning rise and fall and fall some more. It is a good time to pay my rent for my room. I am forwarding you cash to pay up for another week. Please forward to your trust, so that we may not be foreclosed on. I know it is in advance, but it will keep both of us from having to remember.

And one other thing: I like the young man's coffee. The young man who rented the room below me. He was kind enough to make a cup everyday untl today. For some reason the cup is stuck to the table. Could you please do your best to get the goo removed?

Thank you, your tenant, Mr. M.D. Monk.

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