Friday, July 6, 2012

Tea Shipments Continue

After reviewing news about rising tea prices the  Down Under Tea Company is again shipping tea.  The No. 3 entry S. Brantley Lake is open to a few VIPs.  It is not known whether the public will be invited into the cavern.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exchange Rates, Foreclosure, and Goo

Matt tries to unstick coffee from table.

The Letter I wrote to my landlady today:

Ms. Ghennyn: I watched my exchange rates this morning rise and fall and fall some more. It is a good time to pay my rent for my room. I am forwarding you cash to pay up for another week. Please forward to your trust, so that we may not be foreclosed on. I know it is in advance, but it will keep both of us from having to remember.

And one other thing: I like the young man's coffee. The young man who rented the room below me. He was kind enough to make a cup everyday untl today. For some reason the cup is stuck to the table. Could you please do your best to get the goo removed?

Thank you, your tenant, Mr. M.D. Monk.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Room @ the Rooming House

Matt's Wall to Wall Reading List
Matt's Hero Worship (Marco Polo Map)
Now that my accomodations are legally bound, I edited my decor.  I hung a map of places I'd like to visit, and filled the bookcase with my reads.  I listened to a bit of the musak the Baroness decides is music and sat down to think about what I plan to do next. 

I know where Mrs. O'Degee Glenfadden is now.  She is flagrantly stupid sometimes.  Her entire self is exposed to any and all lookers.  She keeps a blog that she advertises openly as the place to find her memoirs and current schedule of activities.  Personally, I wouldn't have a blog, but  I am in business, and require some advertising opportunities.  The DUTC requires I keep them apprised of my present location. I don't expect to go through the frustration of unemployment again soon.  Keeping my job with the tea company is one of my foremost objectives.

It is also apparent to me that Mrs. O'Degee Glenfadden has been to this house.  Many of the hand-be-down furnishings are hers.  Repairs were made in her name.  I've yet to find out how she knows the Baroness, but I intend to find out soon.  I could call both the ditsy twins.  They try to accomplish so many feats at one time, they fail to meet their own deadlines.  Neither of the  women are completely truthful either, but whether these similarities constitute a connection, I'm not sure.

Today I will make another trip into town.  After all I am in residence at the University there.  Oxbridge will be added to my long list of alma maters.  My family would be proud.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leading Up To Nightmares

From the ridiculous - watching the so called Baroness try in vain to keep her old house from settling into the sea.  Photo taken from my airship window.

To the sublime - taking a ride out of Victoria City on the train through the north lands of Caledon.To the downright wild.  I don't know what possessed me, but during a brief stop at Hypnotic Shop I decided to experience electro shock.  Nightmares interrupted my sleep.  I finally got up and wrote this entry before returning to a fitful slumber.

Finding a Place to Rest My Weary Noggin.

Finding a place to live in this world is getting more difficult all the time.  Today I met the Baroness D'Landria.  She doesn't look, smell, walk or talk like a baroness.  I figure she's not a baroness, but lies are my forte.  I will get to the bottom of her deceit sooner than later.  Then I will take the lead.

Our conversation today may be found here.

Artifact - Letter I Wrote to the Baroness Concerning a Room To Let

The text of the letter is as follows:
Dear Baroness D'Landria or Whomever Lives Here:

My name is Mr. Matt R. Dutton Monk. Here I go by MDutton Monk. Yes, I am a monk, but currently I am working for the Down Under Tea Company. I flew my airship to your roof, took the elevator down and reached the porch.

The door was open. I left some things in the upper room. I plan to pay dearly for the room, once we can meet to make some arrangement. I know this sounds out the ordinary, but I am desperate.  The Oxbridge Dorms do not suit me.

Today I need to spend some time in the Oxbridge Library looking for facts. If you would be so kind to reach me by message, I would appreciate it. I will not be taking the" Adam," our tea company airship. For some reason it broke down during landing. Looking for a good mechanic is another task I need to complete in the next few hours. I do plan to ask the mechanic to fix the landing gear to the launch pad. This will cause the ship to disappear when it is obstructing my view.

Note: now that I have taken residence in this otherwise abandoned home, please do not rifle through my papers. It is very important that I keep my stay here on the QT. Evil forces continue to thwart my every move.

Yours truly,

The Monk