Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Artifact - Letter I Wrote to the Baroness Concerning a Room To Let

The text of the letter is as follows:
Dear Baroness D'Landria or Whomever Lives Here:

My name is Mr. Matt R. Dutton Monk. Here I go by MDutton Monk. Yes, I am a monk, but currently I am working for the Down Under Tea Company. I flew my airship to your roof, took the elevator down and reached the porch.

The door was open. I left some things in the upper room. I plan to pay dearly for the room, once we can meet to make some arrangement. I know this sounds out the ordinary, but I am desperate.  The Oxbridge Dorms do not suit me.

Today I need to spend some time in the Oxbridge Library looking for facts. If you would be so kind to reach me by message, I would appreciate it. I will not be taking the" Adam," our tea company airship. For some reason it broke down during landing. Looking for a good mechanic is another task I need to complete in the next few hours. I do plan to ask the mechanic to fix the landing gear to the launch pad. This will cause the ship to disappear when it is obstructing my view.

Note: now that I have taken residence in this otherwise abandoned home, please do not rifle through my papers. It is very important that I keep my stay here on the QT. Evil forces continue to thwart my every move.

Yours truly,

The Monk

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